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Lynn Aylward: Owner/Teacher
Lynn retired in 2014 after a 30 year career in nursing. She has been a counsellor of the Breath Integration method & an intuitive bodyworker since 2002. She is co-owner of Breath Integration Counselling & Training Centre with Cory Erlandson and is a teacher of  personal empowerment trainings. Lynn works as a counseller for individuals, couples, 5 week group series and workshops. Her passion is to assist others in finding their own inner wisdom and create more of what they desire for their lives. 
Contact directly @ 250-319-7364

Cory Erlandson: Owner/Teacher
Cory Erlandson is a co-owner of BICTC with Lynn Aylward. He completed all of his trainings in Kamloops and has been teaching this method for 4 years. Cory facilitates counselling with individuals, couples and groups. He is also a motivational speaker @ our Sunday Spiritual services. He is an owner and operator of Erlandson Backhoe and Excavating, operating in Kamloops for the past 8 years. Cory was born and raised in Kamloops. Him and his wife Kyla have been married for 4 years and are new parents to their son Jack. His passion is to assist others to reach their personal visions.  Contact directly @ 250-319-5175

 Susan Hewins: Master Teacher
Susan is a Master Teacher of the Breath Integration method of counselling.  She is a motivational speaker,  workshop facilitator and has been teaching training's since 1992.  Susan has been married to her husband Dennis for 33 years and they have three grown sons and a beautiful granddaughter.  Her passion is to assist others in creating healthy, happy, functional relationships first with themself and then their mates and families.  Contact directly @ 250-320-1684

Estella Patrick-Moller: Teacher
Estella is a teacher of the Breath Integration Method of counselling with over 10 years of experience. She is an inspirational speaker, workshop facilitator, trauma & grief counseller.  She is an elder in our Kamloops native community.  Estella works @ TRU in a spiritual & cultural support for the native students. She is passionate about everything she teaches and does it with love and gentleness.
Contact directly @ 250-571-1439

Kyla Erlandson: Teacher in Training
Kyla is a Breath Practitioner of the Breath Integration method of counselling and an Intutitive Bodyworker with over 6 years of experience in both. She has been married to owner of BICTC, Cory Erlandson for 5 years, and loves being a new mom to their 1 year old son Jack. Kyla loves being able to offer others individual support to become more conscious in everyday life through the power of the Breath, and the opportunity to create more choice in their life. Kyla is very successful and works full time as an Independent Consultant and Regional Vice President with Arbonne International, a health and wellness company, for the past three and a half years. Contact directly @ 250-319-1803

Wade Stewart: Teacher
Wade has been a breath practitioner at BICTC since 2009 and completed his teacher's training in 2012. He works with individuals, couples and facilitates workshops. Wade has a wife and two children and has lived in Kamloops since 2000. 
Contact directly @ 250-852-1331

Carly Rowsome: Teacher in Training
Carly is a Breath Practitioner, workshop facilitator, and a yoga teacher. She is a passionate, life-long learner and loves to share her journey with others and assist them in expanding their lives as well! She completed her Teacher Assistant training with Breath Integration in 2012 and is working to complete her Teacher’s Training. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and encourages clients to actively work to create balance for themselves through exploring all dimensions of: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.  
Contact Carly directly @ 250-574-9971

Tish Moon: Teacher
Tish has completed all 4 levels of training with the Breath Integration method of counselling. She is a Breath Practitioner, workshop facilitator and inspirational speaker. She teaches the Personal Empowerment Trainings along with 5 week group series. She is a mom of 2 beautiful adult children, 2 dogs and cats. Tish brings life experience, love and compassion to assist her clients in creating and living a happier, healthy and more fulfilling life!
Contact Tish directly @ 250-682-3651

Chelsea Brown: Teacher 
Chelsea started Breath work in 2012 and has completed all 4 levels of training with the Breath Integration method of counselling. She is a natural leader inspiring and assisting others to empower themselves by living into their unlimited potential.  Chelsea's enthusiastic, compassionate and youthful outlook brings comfort and happiness to those around her. 
Contact her directly @ 250-320-9838

Amanda Somerville: Teacher in Training
Amanda began her journey at Breath Integration in 2013, and has completed three levels of training in that time. She is passionate about her own self growth and healing, and feels inspired when sharing what she has learned with others. Her strength as a counsellor comes from her ability to connect with the truth that lies beneath the surface. 
“Our journey never ends, I will always continue to learn and grow. It wasn’t easy discovering myself and the barriers that I had preventing me from truly loving myself, but it was worth it.”
Call or text her directly at 778-220-8901.

Cheryl Snyder: Breath Practitioner
When my life took a drastic curve in it's journey in 2010, I entered into a most incredible life changing journey with Breath Integration  in June of that year. I have learned so much about myself over the last 6 years. I now have an incredible tool box full of self worth, trust, love(not only for myself but for all others), faith and personal empowerment that I can face so many challenges that this life has to offer. I am willing and able to support others with and through this journey we call LIFE and all it's ups and downs. I am here and present to assist you with your needs and desires to discover your breath and how it will enable you to CHANGE your way of life and your BEing. I have had the privilege of using the BREATH method for healing for the past 6 years and am very excited to share with you this journey of healing. Please feel free to text,email or FB me for any questions and bookings you would like  for me to help support your changes, desires, or needs to express your feelings to a BETTER life. Contact @

Kristina Benson: Breath Practitioner
Kristina started her journey in Breath work in 2012 and has completed two levels of training. She brings a gentle, loving energy to her clients who are seeking another way of looking at life. In addition to a thriving graphic design business, she loves watching people achieve growth and healing. Call her today to book a session. Contact @ 250-572-7974
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